The importance of the new Motu Proprio “The Gentle and Merciful Jesus” in the Year of Mercy


Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome


Pope Francis, the Pope of Mercy, has again surprised all the Catholic Faithful of the whole world with the two Motu Proprio as he has surprised the whole world when he announced the Year of Mercy. Continue reading

Neuroscience and the Human Person

Article by Fr. Tigi Abraham Thanniyil CST (Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome)

Molecular Thoughts

Over the years science has brought us wonderful gifts. The new insights into the vastness of the universe, the intricacy of the interactions in the subatomic world, the dynamic and ever-growing cosmos are all the big insights of the scientific enterprise. Who am I? What is my place in this universe? These are some of the questions which haunted human beings generations after generations. Continue reading